Top 5 Affordable Travel Cameras


Taking photos when you travel inspires you to take notice of your surroundings. You scrutinize your environment and take note of the smallest details.

As one business traveler who always likes to carry unique business cards in the form of custom poker chip business cards, ultimately your travel photos bring joy to your family and friends when you share tales of your adventures. For great pictures, however, you need the right equipment. Here are the top 5 affordable cameras you can consider.

Compact Camera

Also known as ‘point and shoot’ cameras, technology has equipped these simple cameras with enhanced features. Compact cameras are excellent travel cameras as they are pocket-sized and handy to carry around. The good news is despite their size, they deliver quality.

Some compact cameras produce image quality that rivals that of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) and mirrorless cameras.

A compact camera comes with a fixed lens and either a zoom lens or a prime lens. A prime lens requires you to move around to get the best shots, however, the end result is great image quality.

The disadvantage of compact cameras is that they offer fewer lens choices and not all of them come with optical viewfinders.

DSLR Camera

Previously high-end cameras, DSLR cameras are more affordable now. In addition, it is possible to obtain reasonably priced cameras during sales.

DSLR cameras are popular with professionals as they offer total control over your pictures. You can achieve different effects by changing the lens and adjusting the settings. Other advantages of DSLR cameras are:

  • The ability to capture rich detail, made possible by the large image sensor
  • You have the option of changing the lenses, for example, you can change from wide-angle to telephoto
  • You can adjust the shutter speed
  • DSLR cameras are equipped with stabilization technology that guarantees blur-free pictures.
  • The optical viewfinder helps fit the image within the frame
  • They have a good resale value, hence they are a good investment

Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless Cameras are less costly than DSLR cameras and a great alternative. They are designed to have the light shine past the lens directly onto the image sensor. They make an excellent travel camera as they are not as bulky as DSLR cameras and they are versatile and guarantee high performance.

The other advantages of mirrorless cameras are:

  • Without a mirror, it is possible to take image after image
  • Most offer high resolution and have an electronic viewfinder
  • The simpler mechanics make possible the generation of more photos per second.
  • You can change the lens of a mirrorless camera.

Smartphone Camera

Simpler to operate than a digital camera, camera phones have fixed-focus lenses and smaller sensors. However, the advantage is that you can instantly share the photos taken without the need for a cable or removable card.

Adventure Cameras

Similar to compact cameras, the advantage of adventure cameras is that they are built to withstand extreme conditions. Small in size, they are shock-proof and offer great versatility. The disadvantage of adventure cameras is that they have a small sensor and they do not come with interchangeable lenses.

Camera prices have dropped in the recent past, therefore if you have a limited budget you still have a wide variety of options to choose from.