6 Top Attractions in Barcelona Not To Be Missed

basilica in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia is Barcelona, located on the coast of northeastern Spain. If you have a passion for art and architecture, Barcelona is your dream destination. Best of all, it is a destination that enables you to combine both fun and culture.

Gaudi Architecture

Barcelona is famous for the outstanding architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, an architect whose distinctive style embodies color, free-flowing form, and texture. He was part of the Catalan Modernista movement. A stay in Barcelona is incomplete without visits to some of his famous buildings such as:

Casa Vicens

This fine Art Nouveau building contains spectacular ceramic decorations in the façade. Gaudi’s residential project which is now a museum combines oriental and neoclassical designs which is a unique departure from tradition.

Park Güell 

A huge urban park abounding in lovely landscaped gardens, this complex was built between 1900 and 1914. Gaudi lived here for almost 20 years, and it is one of the largest green spaces in Barcelona. You can take a stroll through the gardens as you study Gaudi’s artwork; there is an abundance of sculptures, mosaics, and colorful tiling to admire. Venture to the highest point of the site for amazing views of Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia Church

A famous landmark, this is a vast, unfinished basilica with a lavish exterior. It was designed by Anton Gaudi and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. The architect worked on this immense project until his death.

The reason the construction took so long is due to the fact that this expensive project was funded by donations. Therefore the builders had to pause as they waited for the money to come in. When it is finally completed, the basilica will have a total of 18 towers.

If you need a break from culture, here are some fun activities for you:

Visit the Beach

Endowed with 60 miles of coastline, beach-lovers will be in their element. Apart from the famous Barceloneta beach, there are other gems to be discovered such as:

Nova Icària Beach

This is one of Barcelona’s best beaches for watersports. It’s a venue that attracts visitors of all ages, teens, families, as well as young adults. Nova Icaria is a laid-back, peaceful beach with a great selection of bars and restaurants that are within easy reach.

Bogatell Beach

Popular with locals, Bogatell beach has good water quality and is the place to go for both sunbathing and sports enthusiasts alike. The beach is away from the crowds of Barceloneta, has a friendly relaxed atmosphere, and offers amazing eateries. Why not sample the traditional paella, or squid fried the Andalusian style. Alternatively, check out one of the trendy beach bars that serve delicious specialty cocktails.

After a visit to the buzzing Mediterranean seaside, you may choose to pay a visit to Barcelona’s famous market:

La Boqueria

Possibly one of Barcelona’s oldest markets, La Boqueria has a vibrant and intoxicating atmosphere. The ocean smell permeating the air mingles with the smell of frying fish. There are over 200 stalls here, and the market is one of the city’s leading tourist landmarks.

You will find an amazing selection of fruits, fish, candy, spices, vegetables, and a host of other items. The market is also considered a culinary icon. You must visit one of the tapa bars and sample their garbanzo beans. Alternatively hit one of the fruit stands for unique blends of juice.

Barcelona is a favorite destination for people from all parts of the world; and for good reason too. Its diverse attractions, history, architecture, and cuisine should guarantee it a slot on your list of unmissable places to visit.